Jordyn Woods was a speaker at a panel for the LadyLike Foundation – She gave life advice to young women

Jordyn Woods had a pretty busy weekend, and she made sure to keep her fans informed of her social media account. She told fans that she was a panel speaker and that she talked to young girls about all kinds of exciting subjects.

Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

“I have just finished speaking to a panel of the LadyLike Foundation speaking to our young girls! Thank you @leah_ladylike for inviting me to be part of such a positive movement. “#Payitforward”, Jordyn captioned his message.

The fans told Jordyn that they were proud of her and that they were happy that she was doing a lot for the community.

One follower said, “Jordyn, I just wanted to say in a time when there weren’t many inspiring young women here that you have done great things this year with your platforms. Thank you sis for what you do

One commenter wrote, “You are such a darling diamond; it’s so great to see that you can use your platform which is not just a business + privilege. But the mentorship, the encouragement and the action to be at the base. #integrity #queening ???????? @jordynwoods. “

Someone said to Jordyn, “You are my inspiration – so nice of you to do this for these girls !!!” and an Instagrammer posted this: “Yes, that’s what it’s about to use your voice to help others, thank you. “

Someone else wrote, “So, so proud of you, Jordyn, that God has a purpose for you, no one will take your blessings from you, keep working hard, your family depends on you. We love you beautiful ???? ’


Other than that, Jordyn looked great at the premiere of the BET movie called Sacrifice.

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