Gaming Journey to the Savage World Accomplishments Note Exposed

Journey to the Savage World Accomplishments Note Exposed



  • Spoiler Warning: Many of these are concealed accomplishments
  • Read our newest hands-on sneak peek here on Xbox Wire
  • Journey to the Savage Planet gets here on Xbox One Tuesday, January 28

Next week we’ll all have a possibility to travel to an alien world in the upcoming Journey to the Savage Planet that gets here on January 28 for Xbox One. And while there’s great deals of find and check out, there’s likewise a lots of fantastic accomplishments to make also through a range of activities, like kicking 10 Pufferbirds in 45 seconds or getting covered in oozy-gooey alien guts. You can have a look at the total list of Journey to the Savage Planet accomplishments list listed below, however spoiler caution: much of the accomplishments noted below are concealed Check out on at your own threat. Have and take pleasure in enjoyable exploring this savage world!


Achievement Name Details Points Hidden
Colonizer Set foot on AR-Y 26 for the very first time. I think that counts as an accomplishment? 5 Y
Cragclaw Defeated Cragclaw down. Break out the garlic butter! 50 Y
Floopsnoot Queen Defeated Successfully ended the family of a threatened alien types! Congratulations! 50 Y
Teratomo Defeated Teratomo is no mo’. Now go shower. You smell bad. Extremely bad. 50 Y
Open Sesame Enter The Spire. I’ve got a tension about this … 15 N
Aaaaaaand we’re back You passed away! Now you’re not dead! Huh. Odd! 10 Y
Phone Home Play a video message from Kindred. Think they didn’t ignore us! 10 N
Cannibals Bait 5 animals into assaulting each other. Conquer and divide: Classic strat. 10 N
Little Shop of Horrors Fed 5 Pufferbirds to a Meat Vortex. Yes, it mixes! 10 Y
The $600 Man 3D-print all the 3D-printables. After that, go on and 3D-print yourself a gold star! 50 N
Stronger, Faster, Probably Poisonous Recklessly and irresponsibly consume every Orange Goo on AR-Y 26. 20 N
Return To Sender Retrieved your own loot box. Death is no reason for leaving Kindred home! 10 Y
Ambidextrous Use every left hand tool in the video game. Got ta hand it to you: You’re quite helpful. 20 N
It’s Not In The Game Collect every obnoxious video advertisement on your computer system. 10 N
Your Friendly Neighbourhood … Execute 10 successive grapples without touching the ground. You’re like some type of arachnid-man. 20 N
For Science! Complete the very first set of Science Experiments. Science: It’s not simply for geeks! 15 N
Deleted But Not Forgotten Read all of the previous explorer’s e-mails. If you ask me, kinda nosy. 10 N
Teratomo? Teratomo! Re-emerged onto AR-Y 26 after eliminating Teratomo. Back to work, I expect! 50 Y
No Refunds Finish the video game in under 4 hours. See you at GDQ! 20 N
Flippin’ the bird Get introduced by a Pufferbird, then eliminate it. 10 N
Turdball Wizard Consecutively bounce on 5 various Springy Egg Sacs. It’s like an ethically-iffy bouncy castle! 10 N
That’s all individuals truly wish to do … Kick 10 Pufferbirds in 45 seconds. It’s why you purchased the video game. We get it. 15 N
Au-revoir Gopher! Kill 5 Schnozos in 15 seconds. Moles ain’t gon na whack themselves. 10 N
Norwood in the Hizzy …
Kick 25 Pufferbirds and 25 Maroons. It’s ok. I do not understand who Scott Norwood is either. 10 N
Would You Two Maniacs Like To Do?
Start a Co-Op video game. It needs to be good having pals … 10 N
He Slimed Me Got covered in ooey-gooey alien guts. 10 Y
Don’t Cross the Streams Slapped your Co-Op partner. I’m sure you had an excellent factor for it. 10 Y
We came, We Saw, We Kicked Its.
Crack Cragclaw with a Co-Op partner. Team effort truly does make the dream work. 20 N
A Little Help, Please Revive your Co-Op partner. Let’s hope they discover to begin pulling their weight. 20 N
Stop Crapping On Me, Jessie Got weary on by a Skipper. That’s best of luck, depending upon who you ask. Not me. I believe it’s gross. 10 Y
Home At Last You’ve returned house after totally finishing your objective! You’re a hero! 100 N
Screw This Noise You’ve returned house without totally finishing your objective. I ‘d begin trying to find brand-new work. 20 Y
Botanist Scan all the plants on AR-Y 26! 20 N
Zoologist Scan all the animals on AR-Y 26! 20 N
Build It Up Gather half the Alien Alloy on AR-Y26 I’m half-impressed! 50 N
I Want To Go Home. Ultimately. Marked your very first fuel pod. Mother, I’m getting back! 20 Y
I Feel The Same. I Think? Unlock the Alien Teleportation System. Beats strolling! 15 N
It’s Me. Not Me. Still Me. Scan your own remains. Finest not to consider it excessive … 20 N
I Come.
in Peace
Slap every alien animal at least. I expect that counts as “very first contact”. 30 N
Shocking Stun 5 animals concurrently with Shock Fruit. Stone cold. 15 N
Pinball Wizard Kill 5 animals with a single Charged Shot. Due to the fact that intending is for chumps! 20 N
The Answer is 42 Fully see the tower and decrypt origin transmission. 50 N
Who Is Teratomo? Collect and check out every Alien Explorer Log. 50 N

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