Joya Khairallah from Lebanon, the Asian weightlifting champion, wins 4 gold medals

Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The dream has come true for the young Lebanese promising Joya George Khairallah, twenty, from the town of Rechmia, Aley district, who raised the name of her country in the world of physical sport after winning the Asian Weightlifting Championship, in the Junior category, which was held recently in Turkey And he won four gold medals, which he gave to his country, Lebanon. Joya had dreamed of participating in the world championships since she was little, and she set her sights on her goal, which she achieved on her own without anyone’s help, but with the support and encouragement of her family, who she believed. in his high skills and passion for practicing this type of sport, hence his first participation in the World Cup in Sweden on September 27th, when she finished sixth, to then repeat victories and successes, then on December 10th she went to Dubai, and the success was her ally, and she won the Arab Club Championship, until December 27th, winning the Asian Championship title and winning four gold medals, after she managed to excel in nine weight categories, not just their weight, and I collected the most points within the “Squaz Punch” and “Deadlabuffe”. And on her beginnings, Joya confirmed to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” that she had won several championships in Lebanon, including the Lebanese champion in physical strength “junior category – 57 kg weight” and held the record for women in Lebanon in the “Punch Press” and first place in the two “Barbell House” championships for her category, and first place in the “Maxfit” championship for her category, to become one of the youngest female champions. Joya expressed her happiness with this victory, which she considered “a message of hope once again with the skills and competences of the young Lebanese who struggle and struggle and do not know in their dictionary to give up despite the crises they are experiencing”. He stressed: “This victory is a source of hope and joy in amid the oppression and suffering that the country is going through “, explaining that” he believes in his talent and his ability to play the ball again in the biggest leagues in the world. As a result, he will continue his training and exercises necessary to achieve victories and is currently working hard as a personal trainer to cover his expenses, his training expenses and other things he needs. My victory is a message of hope in the abilities of young Lebanese who do not know how to give up and on his choice of this type of sport, classified as male rather than female. but at the same time they encourage each other ”. She added that “she liked this atmosphere and wanted to try it, and it turned out that she had the skills, so she put in bike and did the necessary exercises and worked on herself to participate in the world championships. “Regarding her lack of fear of any physical injury due to carrying weights, she stressed:” Physical damage can occur in any kind of sport if we don’t pay attention to ourselves, but the beauty of this sport is that you can increase the weights little by little, and gradually we go up the weights, and then get used to it. Your body has to carry it more in high and there is no harm because the body is used to it. “But he stressed at the same time that” it must be done in deliberately and not at a speed of 5 kilos by jumping to fifty. “Regarding the message he sent to the Lebanese state and the Lebanese Federation for Weightlifting and Strength, he said:” The Federation is striving to help the as much as possible within the costs he can afford, and some of them and his family. As for the Lebanese state, it is completely absent. He blamed her, “because she does not look at these talents and does not support them, knowing that these talents are abroad and represent her country Lebanon”, asking the Lebanese state, in conclusion, on his behalf and on behalf of these talents, “a little support because this helps them a lot morally and helps them more in their exercises, so we can become stronger, work better and carry in high the name of Lebanon “.

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