Joycelyn Savage unveils her first relationship with R. Kelly: he promised to make her the next Aaliyah

It’s been a long time since it was supposed that the relationship between R. Kelly and her friends was a hoax. Joycelyn Savage chose a unique way to tell her version of the story, a part we never thought we’d listen to.

Despite her previous position of being in love with R. Kelly and wanting to stay in a relationship with her, Joycelyn has released the first part of her story, which is similar to that of women who have spoken in the documentary.

She says she met Kells at the age of 19 and promised that he would help her achieve her artistic dreams. He even told her that she would be the next Aaliyah. Shortly after their meeting, things deteriorated.

She begins to talk about how she controls nature and how she would use the things she loved to manipulate her to do what he wanted. He mainly used his passion for music and his dream of becoming a star.

“After those few months, Robert started giving me orders and making sure I called him by names like” Master “or” Daddy, “which interested me a lot at that time,” she says. “If I was not paid or did not pursue my dream, I would have gone home, but it has not stopped yet.”

She also said that he would ask his assistant to stand by the door and watch the bathroom and shower.

Previously, Joycelyn had participated in many interviews with her Kelly counterpart, Azriel Clary, and claimed that her parents were lying about R. Kelly for money. She also said repeatedly that she was happy where she was, that she had not been brainwashed, and that she was not a victim of any of Kells’ crimes. This story has changed today.

Joycelyn presents herself as a victim for the first time. She also said that everyone around R. Kelly, including her staff, had been brainwashed.

“Robert liked to manipulate anyone in the room, even to his assistant,” she says. “He did not care, everyone was there for a check, so they did not care.”

Joycelyn Savage says she will continue the story on her new platform and comment on her experience and what she knows about Kells’ relationship with Aaliyah.

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