JR Smith’s wife prays for husband and alleged mistress “The Flash” actress Candice Patton amid unfaithful rumors

There are rumors that the NBA Free Agent, JR Smith, is acting as a free agent in his personal life.

Despite being married to his wife Jewel Harris Smith for three years, JR Smith has been dating “The Flash” actress Candice Patton since at least October. He was reportedly live on IG the other night with Patton’s dog and reportedly mentioned their relationship in a now-deleted video.

It seems that JR’s wife is grabbing tea from other sources and has finally decided to speak out about the rumors and pray publicly about the situation.

“It’s a battle, it’s an obstacle,” said Jewel in an emotional video that she posted on her Instagram page. “It hurts, it’s unfortunate, but that’s what it is.”

She continued to pray for JR and his family.

“God, please help and heal my husband,” said Jewel. She also prayed for Candice to “look for a married man”. You can watch the video below:

JR or Candice have not publicly addressed the rumors. We will keep you posted on this one.

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