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Judge an employee of a university in Jordan for fraud and credit abuse

The Court of Cassation upheld a ruling by the Amman Court of Appeal which planned to charge an employee of a public university with fraud and credit abuse and sentence him to six months in prison. In 2017, when the findings were released of high school graduation, the employee was the most delusional student who got a media by 77.7% by helping them gain admission to residency in university pharmacy on the system The parallel student in exchange of 170 dinars, and after the student gave him the sum, he sent him a letter containing a university number and deluded him into accepting him at the university and asked him for 850 dinars as tuition fees.

The decision indicated that the complained employee had been instructed by the university to carry out the necessary procedures to prepare security approvals for students of the Faculty of Medicine who are qualified to train in military hospitals and, as a result, two dinars were collected from each student for this purpose, and the total number of requests reached 629, of which 1258 dinars were seized, and due to the delay in approvals the hospitals refused to accept students, which prompted the boarding school principal to pay the amount from his account to preserve the university’s reputation after it became clear to him that the defendant had disposed of the amount.

According to the decision, the defendant demanded 150 dinars from a student who asked forgiveness for a course she had not received, after he deluded her into helping her, and after examining her at the admissions and registration department, he found out about the matter. The Public Prosecutor challenged him for corruption, embezzlement, the crime of exploiting the office, abuse of power and violation of the duties of the office. The Amman Court of Appeal had decided to amend the credit breach charges and drop them as they were included in the general amnesty law enacted in 2019 and convicted him of the fraud offense and jailed him for six months.


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