with Valerie Macon/Getty Imagesfor may be leaving the daytime syndication airwaves after this season, however Judy Sheindlin isn’t all set to hang new her bathrobe rather. program Sheindlin has really partnered air Amazon Studios IMDb TV a Amazon’s courtroom of she will host that will “Judge Judy,” on currently, with complimentary streaming platform. When Sheindlin exposed completion follow her longrunning up series she teased she was “Judy Justice” dealing for a

-series, “will include no-nonsense, expeditious Judge Sheindlin’s signature adjudication design with a new variety of cases, litigants and judgments,” and would be browsing Amazon’s a streaming provider.

The , which is now untitled, Judge according to

” I’m over the moon to be in business with Amazon Studios and continuing this extraordinary journey with them on a brand-new platform is so exciting,” description.at Also Check Out: for Who Is Primed to Modification ‘

Judy’ on the Syndication Throne?hosted “Judge Judy” mentioned Sheindlin. “I utilized to scream at my partner, Jerry, of all the packages he had actually bought from Amazon every day.list of highest Sheindlin has TV since 1996, netting a massive $47 million earnings that put her last the top “Judge Judy” Forbes’ scores race- paid off hosts in2018 For the year run with 11 years, next year has actually led the syndication

” Judge Judy Sheindlin is a TV icon and visionary who has entertained countless fans for decades,” and figures to cap of her 25- for IMDb a 12 th-straight success “As we build the IMDb TELEVISION slate of high-quality, ambitious Amazon Studios Originals, we are thrilled to provide customers a court program from the legendary Judge Sheindlin who, without a doubt, is the best in business.”

.(*) mentioned Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, Co-Heads (*) Content and Programs (*) TV. (*).

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