Jujutsu Kaisen: 5 Things To Expect From Season 3

There has already been an announcement made regarding the third season of Jujutsu Kaisen, and fans are really eager about what is to come next. Following the conclusion of the events that took place in Shibuya, fans will be transitioning into the Culling Game arc, which is surrounded by a great deal of excitement.

There are a lot of things that fans need to keep in mind before entering this massive arc that is still going on in the manga. This arc is going to be fantastic, and there are a lot of things that fans need to keep in mind.

More Deaths

When it comes to the Culling Game arc, there is one thing that fans can be completely confident about with perfect certainty: they will experience more fatalities. Jujutsu Kaisen is a series that does not shy away from putting its characters to death, and one might say that it does so much too frequently, which results in the characters disappearing from the storylines and losing whatever relevance or value they once held.

Jujutsu Kaisen 4

Regardless of whether or not the fans are pleased with it, they can surely anticipate that there will be further fatalities in the Culling Game arc, which is JJK Season 3. Fans of JJK should anticipate a greater number of fatalities than ever before in this season due to the fact that this is the most significant of all the arcs.

Gojo’s Return

Gojo Satoru was imprisoned during the Shibuya arc, and at this moment, the objective of all of his pupils is to retrieve him and assist him in rescuing the majority of the globe. It will be necessary for them to go to considerable lengths in the Culling Game arc in order to accomplish this goal. Furthermore, it is hoped that Gojo’s pupils will be able to advance to the next level and rescue him from the Prison Realm.

They are going to have to go to tremendous lengths in order to accomplish this, and it is going to be extremely intriguing to see whether or not they are able to pull it off.

Yuji Gets His Time To Shine

However, despite the fact that Yuji Itadori has made significant progress in the Shibuya arc, he is still a long way from where he needs to be in order to be successful as the protagonist of the series. Despite the fact that Yuji is undeniably extremely amazing, he will need to take his sorcery skills to the next level in order to be successful in the following season of JJK, which will feature the Culling Game.

In order for him to become a more powerful and effective sorcerer, it is important for fans to keep a close eye on him and all the advancements that he makes during this storyline.

Bigger Fights Will Happen In JJK Season 3

Obviously, the third season of JJK will include more intense battles, and this is something that should go without saying. Over the course of several centuries, Kenjaku has been meticulously constructing the Culling Game, and now that the event is finally about to take place, it is anticipated that it will be the most spectacular of all the spectacles.

As a result of the fact that the most powerful sorcerers are going to be competing here, it is only natural that viewers will be treated to the most exciting bouts. Despite the fact that the magnitude of fighting in Shibuya was surely impressive, Culling Game is going to take that scale to an entirely new level. The battles are undoubtedly built up to be better, and it will be fascinating to see if the series meets up to the expectations that it set for itself. Of course, this does not necessarily imply that the fights will be better; nonetheless, they are certain to be better.

The King Of Curses Is Back

During the Culling Game storyline, fans should undoubtedly anticipate the return of Sukuna, which is one of the things they should anticipate. We are talking about a person who has been eagerly anticipating his return to action, and his comeback is getting closer than it has ever been before.

At the conclusion of the second season of JJK, Kenjaku made it quite plain that the Heian era is going to return, and that Sukuna would really take pleasure in this development. In the event that he is bringing out a period such as the Heian one that existed a very long time ago, the presence of Sukuna in that era is going to be very necessary for the progression of the story.

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