Entertainment Julia Roberts is in the news for all the...

Julia Roberts is in the news for all the wrong reasons


Harriet has recently received a relatively favorable reception, and various reports on the film’s production cycle have surfaced since.

One of the writers of the project recently revealed that Julia Roberts was being considered for the titular role of Harriet Tubman, which somewhat blurred because of the context.

However, in the end, it would not be the first choice of unusual casting that the public has seen in Hollywood, by far.

Indeed, the decision provoked mixed reactions internally, as reports indicate that some of those in charge of production insist that people do not know that they are presenting the story of their presentation of the story, because of the length of the past. .

Gregory Allen Howard, who made the revelation about the strange casting choice, also claimed that the film was something that many people had been watching for a while, but they did not think the social climate was favorable.

However, after the releases of Black Panther and 12 Years a Slave, the situation has changed a lot and they now see a viable opportunity to release a movie with such a past.

Howard said, “I was told how a studio head told a meeting,” This script is fantastic. Let Julia Roberts play against Harriet Tubman. When it was pointed out that Roberts could not be Harriet, the manager replied, “It was a very long time ago. Nobody will know the difference. “

In the end, Cynthia Erivo played the role of Tubman, and the film elicited many positive reactions in different ways.

The casting choice seems to have been a success, although some have also wondered about how the film could have been approached otherwise.

One person had this reaction: “See how racist narcissists ready to erase a powerful part of Black History, as they did in the past, are still trying to make kings and queens and pharaohs and goddesses from Egypt and Africa white in the cinema. teach our children.

Another commentator said, “I hope Julia is smart enough to know the hogwash when she hears it from moving people … I think Julia is an excellent actress in her own right … But she is not no case worthy of the role of Harriet Tubman … Viola Davis, maybe … But Julia? Nope.”

This disciple revealed, “We will all know the difference … smh! It’s crazy like hell. They have a lot of black actresses who can play it. Julia Roberts does not do it, and I repeat, it does not correspond to that period. How are you, a white woman, playing a period of slavery?


Some say the film could have been better.

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