Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.32: New Lagoon Decorations, Essential Bug Fixes, and Gameplay Enhancements

A new update for Jurassic World Evolution 2, known as Update 1.32, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

Update 10

New Decorations

Kelp Plants for Lagoons

  • We have added three new varieties of kelp plants that can now be used to decorate your lagoons. These plants will bring a touch of underwater vegetation that enhances the aquatic environment for your marine creatures.

Lagoon Light for Land

  • A version of our popular Lagoon Light is now available for land use. This lighting fixture can be selected and built on park pathways or around attractions to illuminate your park during nighttime, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere for your visitors.

Bug Fixe

Spinoraptor and Indominus rex Relationship Update

  • We have addressed an issue where the Spinoraptor and Indominus rex were incorrectly listed as having a positive relationship in their respective Info Panels. This has now been corrected to reflect their accurate interactions.

Ankylodocus Research Node Removal

  • The Ankylodocus research node has been removed from Challenge 01 on Medium, Hard, and Jurassic difficulties. This adjustment should streamline the challenge progression and provide a more balanced gameplay experience for players tackling these difficulty levels.
  • Camp Cretaceous Logo Addition The Camp Cretaceous logo has been added to the Jurassic World Database (JWDB) entries for the Tarbosaurus and Spinoceratops. This update ensures consistency and enriches the user experience by highlighting these iconic dinosaurs from the Camp Cretaceous series.

Miscellaneous Fixe

Stability Improvements

  • We have implemented several stability fixes to ensure your gameplay runs more smoothly and is less prone to crashes and performance issues.

Animation Enhancements

  • Various animation fixes have been made to address glitches and improve the fluidity and realism of dinosaur movements and interactions within the park.

Audio Adjustments

  • Our team has applied various audio fixes to enhance the environmental sounds and dinosaur roars, ensuring a more immersive auditory experience.

Text and Localization Corrections

  • Multiple text and localization fixes have been implemented to correct typographical errors and ensure translation accuracy across all supported languages.

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