Justice League has found a ridiculous way to beat Starro the Conqueror

The League of Justice found an absurdly simple solution to their Starro problem in their first appearance in The brave and the daring of the 60s # 28.

by James Gunn The Suicide Squad film brings several DCs. less known characters in the spotlight. While King Shark, Peacemaker and Ratcatcher all play awesome rolls in the film, it could be argued that Starro the Conqueror makes the biggest impression. Before his big-screen debut, the giant starfish kaiju monster turned out to be a terrific one opponent, battling numerous heroes over years. But, in by Starro first appearance in Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky’s The brave and the bold # 28 the Justice League makes it hilariously short work of the starfish with a simple chemical compound.

Both the Justice League and Starro made their debuts in this classic issue. The story begins when a puffer fish warns Aquaman that it has seen a giant starfish fall from the sky and recruits three regular starfish for help conquers the world. Aquaman gathers the Justice League to investigate the mysterious creature and stop him from taking over the planet. When the league splits up to track down and they send Starro’s deputies, they find out that Starro is planning to use nuclear energy and mind control to conquer humanity.

The flash runs in a young man named Snapper who appears to be immune to Starro’s mind control powers. Has Green Lantern use its ring as a spectrometer in so they can determine what it does young Snapper so different. while it spins out, Snapper is covered in Calcium oxide, also known as lime. He had used it while he was doing the lawn work first in the day and it’s over up saving him from Starro’s psychic advances. Armed with this new information, the heroes of the Justice League, in turn, pours out large amounts of lime on the aspiring conqueror. As stupid as this tactic is, it turns out to be quite effective, rendering Starro powerless.

After this meeting, the Justice League became a pillar in the comic world, but Starro would not return for another seventeen years. But in 1977’s Adventure comics # 451 by David Michelinie and Jim Aparo, the evil starfish raised his villain head once again to fight Aquaman. After that apparition, Starro made a habit of coming back every time in a bit to terrify the DC universe, changing drastically over years. Rather than being in degree of share his powers with another starfish, the alien conqueror earned the ability reproduce asexually, with his progeny becoming an essential part of its mind control powers. In Starro’s first wait, he just uses his mind to control others, but successive iterations of the character used his offspring to latch onto people’s faces and control them with a physical component.

Starro’s most noteworthy update is that lime is no longer his Achilles heel. In fact, in these days Starro seems to be impervious to just about everything except for ice and extreme cold.

It does not matter how powerful Starro becomes, the goofy nature of his first defeat will always be emblematic of it’s basically campy nature.

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