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Justin Bieber Hilariously Stumbles Through His Wedding Vows In New ‘Seasons’ Episode


It looks like Justin Bieber was truly worried at his second, more official wedding to Hailey Baldwin. The vocalist shared a video from their weddings that revealed him absolutely butchering his wedding vows as part of his new ‘Seasons’ documentary episode.

That’s! Justin stumbled over his worlds a bit attempting to recite his wedding vows back in September however everything wound up being a remarkable and amusing minute instead of something that messed up whatever.

Justin simply needed to duplicate the words the officiator had actually simply stated however he not just stumbled over the words a couple of times, he likewise turned to asking concerns.

As he and Hailey were standing there, holding hands, the officiator stated: ‘In token and pledge of our constant faith.’

‘In token and pledge in our…token?’ Bieber asked, baffled and certainly worried.

The officiator duplicated the line for him however he still didn’t get it, asking as soon as more: ‘In token and pledge?’ getting the approval that ‘yes,’ that was proper.

Still, Justin attempted to make certain it was right as soon as again prior to asking: ‘What does that mean?’

As you can picture, this got a great deal of the wedding guests chuckling over how adorable he was.

The entire thing was simply part of the wedding’s beauty and it absolutely made it more remarkable and enjoyable.

This is what Hailey, the bride-to-be believed as she shared in a sit-down for the documentary that ‘Everything happened the exact way it was supposed to. I really believe that. Even all the little mishaps that might of happened and us stumbling over our words. Whatever it was, I think that it was so meant to be.’


The episode likewise included completion of the event when Hailey and Justin shared their first kiss as couple and it was super sweet and romantic.

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