Justin Bieber taught Jimmy Fallon how to play hockey on ‘The Tonight Show’

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon took to the ice in New york city City on Thursday so Bieber might teach Fallon how to play hockey in a ‘Tonight Show’ sector– and it tackled in addition to you may believe.

The hilarity began as soon as Bieber, a kept in mind hockey lover, taught Fallon how to put on all the cushioning and equipment needed to secure himself on the ice and questioned whether Fallon understood what a hockey puck was.

“Imagine a puck, which is like, really hard… you know what a puck is, right?” he jested.

After some more small talk– in which Bieber jokingly stated Alexander Nordique is his preferred gamer– Fallon lastly looked all set to enter his New york city Rangers uniform, while Bieber sported his customized Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Obviously, Fallon insisted he truly required to utilize the restroom prior to they took the ice.

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Bieber put Fallon through a series of skating and stick-handling drills that saw the veteran comic journey, fall, crawl and demand the remarkably proficient vocalist drag him throughout the ice. When Fallon discovered how to shoot with the backhand of his stick, he had a genius concept to set the relocation with “backhanded compliments.”

“Have you lost weight? You look a lot better than the last time I saw you,” Bieber joked.

“I really like your moustache,” Fallon responded. “I love that it’s not quite skeevy.”

The set then took part in a shootout competition with the assistance of Rob the goaltender. Bieber displayed his toolbox of stickhandling techniques, while Fallon attempted to sidetrack the goalie by singing ‘Baby Shark,’ who even made a conserve while looking the other method.

Bieber’s benefit for winning the competition can be found in the kind of a private solo as he sang ‘O Canada’ while the set rode a Zamboni around the arena.

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