Entertainment Justin Timberlake causes Jessica Biel to prepare for rumors...

Justin Timberlake causes Jessica Biel to prepare for rumors of infidelity


Justin Timberlake fans know that things have not been going well with him lately, following rumors that he made fun of his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainright. The couple were spotted in New Orleans during the shooting of the aforementioned film.

Page Six says Justin has been busy trying to make amends with his partner following photographs of him holding Alisha’s hand in Louisiana. A source who spoke with Us Magazine claims that Justin invited Jessica to the set to confirm that there was no infidelity or other ape affairs.

The insider told the store that Justin had invited Jessica to visit her in New Orleans so that she could see that everything was professional. In addition, the insider added that the pair planned to spend an evening together.

Fans turned to social media to come up with their own theories about the behavior of Justin Timberlake, which some believed was likely a result of loneliness. In fact, Justin was recently spotted grimly at the Big Easy.

After photos of Justin holding Wainright’s hand surfaced online and in the media, Justin posted a statement on his Instagram that he said he was in the grip of a “strong error in judgment”. He then apologized to Jessica and her son.

In addition, Timberlake explained that the behavior he exhibited the night of the photograph was not a good example to give to his son. When the news of the photo was first published in the press, several publications began to browse the Internet and media reports to find out as much information as possible about Alisha.

One of these articles came from the entertainment news publication Cosmopolitan, which discovered an interview where Alisha shared some of her experiences. Wainright said that she had in fact wanted to pursue a career in botany, but that she had been unable to find the funds to continue her work.

The actress explained that in the academic world, all departments are trying to get the same money for their research, and she realized that her field of study was too specific, and that she should widen her research to get the funding required.


Regardless of Alisha’s past, some fans on social media have suggested that the alleged fraud was just a publicity stunt for the new Timberlake film.

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