Justin Trudeau, Canadians Respond to Aggressive Attacks From ‘Anti-Vaxer Gangs’ in the whole country

During a campaign Stop in in Montreal on Justin Trudeau responded to questions on Tuesday over the crowd” of protesters who threw gravel at him on Monday in London, Dec.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that people to be throwing things and others in danger during a political rally,” Trudeau said. “There were volunteers and supporters, there were police officers to keep everyone safe, there were journalists, like you, die did a very important job of informing Canadians of what is going on on in this election, some of the tensions die there are out there.”

“New one should do their job under the threats of violence of actions that make them in danger.”

Trudeau linked this particular act of aggression against the hostility die health professionals and individuals in public-facing jobs are facing across Canada.

“There are health workers in the whole country who are harassed and intimidated and bullied when they go in work to hold people safe and alive,’ said Trudeau store servants and waitresses, people continue met their daily life, being yelled at and pushed around for wearing masks, for be vaccinated.”

“That is not how we do things in Canada and honestly, as I go on met the campaignI’m inspired by that people who keep doing the right thing in the face of anti vaxxer mobs who respect the basic science and the basic decency that Canadians have rightly come to expect from each other.”Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Multiple people took until social media to respond to what’s happening met the prime minister and the “anti-vaxxer mobs”, some of which in to point out particular out lack of of effects for these individuals.

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