Justin Trudeau wanted elections. Do voters see a power grab?

Mr Trudeau has had many successes to report since 2015. To be government introduced carbon prices and other climate measures, legalized cannabis, increased spending for Indigenous issues, and made 1500 models of militarystyle guns illegal. AN new plan will provide daycare for 10 Canadian dollar per day per child.

Although his popularity has declined, Mr. Trudeau’s star power remains. When he passed the terrace of A cafe in Port Coquitlam, an Eastern Suburb of Vancouver, for elbow bumps, quick chats and selfies with voters, a crowd soon swollen.

“We love you, we love you”, Joy Silver, a 76-year— an old retired schoolteacher from nearby Coquitlam, Mr Trudeau said.

But as Election Day approaches, many Canadians are still wondering why Mr. Trudeau is a… vote now, two years ahead of schedule, with Covid-19 infections on the rise from the Delta variant, burden hospitals and give rise to renewed pandemic restrictions in some provinces of delaying their cancellation in others.

It was also criticized that he vote the same weekend Kabul . fell in hands of the Taliban, when Canadian troops struggling to evacuate both Canadians and Afghans who had assisted their troops.

“They have been struggling with die answer question completely campaignsaid Gerald Butts, an old friend of mr. Trudeau’s and a former top political adviser. “And that’s part of why they have trouble getting the message over to bring.”

Mr Trudeau has said that he must replace his plurality in the House of commons with a majority to deal with the remainder of the pandemic and the recovery that will follow – although he avoids saying “majority” explicitly. The Liberal Party’s political calculation was that it was best to strike while the Canadians still have positive views over had how Mr Trudeau dealt with pandemic issues, met especially income support and the purchase of vaccines.

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