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Juventus coach: It is useless to talk about Pogba’s absence from the World Cup

BERLIN: Massimiliano Allegri, coach of the club Italian Juventus, said it makes no sense to talk about the absence of French midfielder Paul Pogba from the World Cup. Yesterday, Monday, it was confirmed that Pogba was absent from the French national team at the World Cup in Qatar, due to a knee injury. Pogba hasn’t played any matches for Juventus since he returned in Italy on a parameter basis zero after the expiration of his contract with Manchester United. The 29-year-old underwent surgery last month and although he recently returned to training, he will now undergo further rehabilitation. Allegri said Pogba’s exclusion was unfortunate, but he noted that he had appeared from the start that he was unlikely to participate in the World Cup. He added: “It makes no sense to repeat the thing, once the decision was made not to have surgery at the beginning of the season it was natural to hope for the possibility of his return to Juventus and the French national team. “He continued:” It is a shame for Juventus and the World Cup, and it is natural that we are affected by our lack of him. “(DPA / Performance statistics)


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