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JWoww does not regret what happened at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding – She can not wait for the images to be shown


To date, you’ve probably heard about the latest debacle in the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation where the girls were recorded ransacking co-star Angelina Pivarnick at her wedding. Regardless of the current backlash, JWoww does not regret how things went and she can not wait for images of what really happened to be broadcast.

Deena Cortese, Snooki and JWoww were captured on audio calling their teammate “trash” with other insults. To be fair, if you watch the show – you’ll know they’re joking with it that way anyway.

What insulted the wounds was when the stars of reality would have shadowed Staten Island, which led wedding fans to boo them. The incident reportedly left Angelina in tears to the point that she left her own reception for almost an hour.

Pivarnick recently shared a snapshot of her wedding and said she wanted a complete redo.

The star’s fans took his comments section to slam his co-stars and apologize for his big day that was ruined.

JWoww was spotted in the defending comments.

‘It’s funny. Connect to a brand new shore jersey season to see how it really happened. Until then, GOODNIGHT. “

“I can not wait for this s *** to be aired.” Ungothered af.

When another fan asked her why she was commenting, JWoww added, “I commented because I’m laughing at this shit … it’s f ******** amazing. You commented because you think your comment means something … so take advantage of my answer and sit down … I’ll enjoy the shit of that. “

It is thought that the backlash of Angelina’s wedding speech is what prompted Snooki to leave the show. She spoke of death threats and the crushing drama of her podcast where she revealed that she was retiring from the series.


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