Kabul airport can receive flights in the coming days, Qatari envoy says

Two domestic flights flew from the capital’s airport to the cities of Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar, bin Mubarak Al-Khayarin Al-Hajar confirmed.

AN team of Qatari technicians wear out repairs at the airport, which could include: start receive flights in in the coming days, the statement added.

Qatar Special Envoy of the minister of Foreign Affairs for Counter-terrorism and mediation in Conflict Resolution, Mutlaq bin Majed Al Qahtani Landed in Kabul Friday. Qatari officials in Kabul is fascinating in talk with the Taliban on switch to a government and the reopening of Kabul airport.

The Gulf State goal is to help bring about a political settlement for lasting peace in Afghanistan provides security, stability and development in the country, a Qatari source with knowledge of the situation told CNN Friday.

Analysis: The return of the Taliban has affected the Middle East in unknown waters poured

There are three parties involved in talks to resume operations at Kabul airport, the source said.

Qatar is also to work together closely with the international community, met especially the embassies die moved to Doha from Kabul, including the US, UK, Netherlands and Japan, to provide safe corridors and freedom of movement for die in Afghanistan and continue cooperation in the fight against terrorism to prevent future instability in the region, the source added.

Meanwhile, the clashes continued in various parts of the Panjshir Valley in Northern Afghanistan, the last province company out against the Islamic takeover. fighters of the National Resistance Front (NRF), a multi-ethnic group that includes former Afghan security force members and alleged numbers in the thousands, have fought against a Taliban offensive for the past two weeks.

Panjshir Valley, a mountainous, inaccessible region north of Kabul, has a long history of resist the insurrection group. At the end of the nineties it was a center of resistance against the Taliban during their rule.

A Taliban spokesman told CNN on Saturday that their troops… made “significant progress” and took four districts of the mountainous province. The Taliban have attacked Panjshir from various directions and appear to be targeting the provincial capital of Bazarak.

A file photo of panjshiro valley in    2011.

An international NGO at work in the area, Emergency International, said: in An post on Twitter that Taliban fighters had reached the village of Anabah, which is a few kilometers from Bazarak, on Friday night.

“During the night of On Friday, September 3, Taliban forces pushed further into Panjshir Valley in and reached the village of Anabah where EMERGENCY’s Surgical Center and Maternity Center are located. There has been no interference so far with EMERGENCY Activities. We have received one small number of injured people in the Anabah Surgical Center,” the tweet read.

In a video message Friday, the former Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, said there were casualties on both sides. Saleh fled to Panjshir when the previous government fell in August.

“There is no doubt that we are in a difficult situation. we are under invasion by the Taliban,” he said, before adding, “We will not surrender, we stand?? for Afghanistan.”

Earlier Friday, the National Resistance Front claimed it had fought back enemy attacks and encircled Taliban militias at the Khawak Pass in the north-East of panjshir.

An anti-Taliban fighter takes a stand in during a patrol on a hilltop in Darband area in Anaba District, Panjshir . Province on 1st of September.

In Kabul, the leader of the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan party, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, issued a warning Friday to the population of Panjshir, which is largely Tajik.

Hekmatyar, a former prime minister and veteran power estate agent in afghanistan, said: people should don’t sacrifice oneself for the advantage of others. Some people in Panjshir opposed the Taliban for personal gain and if they are defeated they can go to others countries, he continued.

“Our Panjshiri brothers will be aware that the worst consequences of this war is on you more then anyone different. You will be harmed,” Hekmatyar told supporters in Kabul Friday, according to Afghan media.

CNN’s Alex Marquart and Mick Krever contributed to this report.

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