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Kailyn Lowry Has Zero Intentions Of Making Peace With Chris Lopez– She’s ‘100% Done!’


It looks like Kailyn Lowry and her infant daddy, Chris Lopez, are not getting along at all although they are apparently anticipating another infant young boy together at this time. One expert report declares to understand that the Teenager Mother star has no objective of ever fixing up with the guy which she is ‘100 percent done’ with him!

As you may understand, when Chris Lopez required to social media to show off a tattoo of their child’s name, Lux, on his forehead, Kailyn utilized this chance to knock him by tweeting: ‘Imagine not doing s**t for your child and getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020.’

So clearly, their relationship is extremely complex and they are plainly not a couple.

Nevertheless, Chris declares her yet coming infant was fathered by him although Kailyn is yet to validate or reject this.

Regardless, a source informs HollywoodLife that no matter whose infant it is, she is not returning together with Chris.

‘Kailyn has every right to be mad at Chris, he has let her down so many times. But what’ s even worse is that he has let Lux down, that’s what actually irritates her. He has not stepped up as far as assisting with Lux and she has no expectation that he will at this moment. The tattoo just rubs salt in the wound due to the fact that he’s walking attempting to act like he is this terrific father, it is such B.S. She is happy she called him out and she’ll continue to do so,’ the expert dished.

‘They had a really toxic relationship that she had a pattern of slipping back into but Kailyn’ s done, she states no possibility will she ever get with him once again. She is 100 percent done,’ they added.


Do you believe she is doing the best thing for her and the kids or not?

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