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Kailyn Lowry Slams Chris Lopez For Tattooing Their Son’s Name On His Forehead But Not Doing Anything For Him!


After her 3rd infant daddy, Chris Lopez, got the name of their child, Lux, tattooed on his forehead, Kailyn Lowry required to social media to toss some shade at him! That being stated, the Teenager Mama star knocked Chris for not being there for their kid although she is apparently anticipating another infant kid with him!

Kailyn believed it was paradoxical that Lopez would ink the name of their child on his face although he’s obviously not done anything else to show his fatherly love.

So, on Valentine’s Day, Kailyn was on Twitter and her posts were not full of love but of shade!

In one tweet, she made it extremely clear that a person of her 3 infant daddies is a deadbeat.

She likewise safeguarded 2 of them, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, so it ended up being extremely clear extremely soon that she was describing none aside from Chris Lopez!

‘Imagine not doing s**t for your child and getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020.’

And yes the male, certainly, shared a photo of him with the word ‘Lux’ tattooed left wing side of his forehead, most likely leaving the other side blank for when their other child gets born and is called.

In another tweet, the Teenager Mama star went on to blame herself for even having a kid with Lopez.

‘Listen. If one of my baby’ s papas had my kid and I could not see him for whatever factor. I’m still sending out clothing, diapers, wipes,cards Whatever. And y’ all haters are. Since I had a kid with this male, this was my fault. Congrats.’

Sure enough, somebody slammed her in the remarks, arguing that ‘This isn’ t simply some error. She continues to bring children into damaged houses. It’s truly not ok and simply something to gain from.’

This triggered Kailyn to protect her other 2 infant daddies, stating that the other 2 young boys were not born in damaged houses considering that she and Jo were together and with Javi, she was wed!


She then added: ‘I just said I take accountability for the 3rd. Thanks.’

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