"Kalashnikov" Learning to expand the caliber of my machine guns

The head of the Russian company Kalashnikov, Alan Lushnikov, said that his company could increase the base caliber of Kalashnikov assault rifles, which is now equivalent to 5.42 mm.

In an interview with the Russian Novosti agency, he said: “The Pentagon has entered into an agreement to supply a new automatic rifle, the bullet caliber of which will change from 5.56 mm to 6.8 mm. We are also studying this issue and do not rule out the transition from the 5.65 mm caliber to a larger caliber, based on the conditions New technologies introduced by modern technology in relation to the protection of the soldier and other conditions. We will work on this issue in the future.”

The head of Kalashnikov explained that a new machine gun of a new caliber may appear during the development of a new military uniform “Junior” for a Russian soldier, as the company’s specialists will try to solve this technical problem.

It is worth mentioning that the 5.56 mm caliber was developed in the Soviet Union in the early seventies, and this caliber at that time was characterized by shooting accuracy, good bullet trajectory and low weight. Now the penetration power of a 5.45 caliber bullet does not meet modern requirements for protecting soldiers.

It is noteworthy that the Kalashnikov company on September 21 last year announced that it would make technical changes to the design of its AKA-12 assault rifle, taking into account the experience of its use in a combat operation in Ukraine.

Source: Russian newspaper