"Kalashnikov" The production of small four-rotor drones for countering electronic warfare begins.

ZALA AERO, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov, has developed the ZALA 421-24 mini quadcopter.

It can withstand the latest means of electronic warfare. This was stated on the sidelines of the Army-2022 military-technical forum by a representative of the Kalashnikov company, noting that the march is characterized by small dimensions, since it is foldable and does not make a loud sound, therefore it looks like a ghostly “sound and image”.

A serial model of the march was shown at the Army-2022 forum. The model is controlled remotely from the control panel.

The drone is equipped with video cameras, one of which works at night, which allows it to take pictures and accompany the target day and night.

The drone does not support any space navigation systems, and during the flight it adheres to the radio silence mode, which does not allow the enemy to detect it.

His stay in the air is 30 minutes, which is enough to perform tasks at a distance of 5-8 kilometers. Takeoff and landing are automatic. As for the fast takeoff, it takes only 120 seconds. It can also be launched from a moving vehicle.

The Russian army is expected to use the drone at the tactical level (platoon and company).

Source: Russian newspaper