Kandi Burruss clarifies the phone number she made public for fans – Watch the video

Some time ago, Kandi Burruss told her fans that she was making her phone number public so that she could reach her via SMS. Many people did not believe it was true and thought something was wrong, so Kandi decided to make a video and explain to people what it was.

You can check out the Kandi clip below.

‘Send me an SMS at 404-458-9464 so that I can register you in my contacts! Everyone is wondering if it’s really me on SMS … YES, IT’S ME! Kandi has captioned his message.

Someone said, “Such a smart business, I think this is the next wave of social media .. a good way to keep in touch and engage directly with your audience, Gary Vee has the same thing.”

Another subscriber wrote, “The text service does not reach the UK, which is disappointing.”

Another fan posted this: “Are you really sending SMS? ???????? When you start receiving more calls and sms that may be fraudulent, do not ask why. “

Just recently, Kandi decided it was time to talk about surrogacy.

You probably now know that she and her husband, Todd Tucker, just welcomed their little daughter Blaze Tucker into the family, and a surrogate mother carried their daughter.


Not too many Kandi supporters knew about why the RHOA star chose this option and that’s why she decided to talk about it.

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