Kandi Burruss explains in a new video why she doesn’t intervene between her husband Todd Tucker and her daughter, Kaela

The popular reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta definitely offers its viewers some unexpected twists and events from time to time, which was reiterated in the last episode of the series, when Todd Tucker was surprised to learn that communication with her daughter, Kaela Tucker, needs improvement.

Even though Todd and Kaela have shown in the past that their relationship is strong and that they also went to a strip club together to celebrate Kaela’s 23rd birthday, it seems that father and daughter sometimes have problems to understand each other.

In the show’s final episode, aired on Sunday, Kaela said the only emotion her father showed her was anger. To support his words, the 23-year-old woman gave the example of the time when Todd did not speak to him for a month because they fought for something.

Todd’s wife Kandi Burruss says her husband and daughter had communication problems, and the mother of three said she feared that over time Todd would have a hard time reaching out to their youngest child, Blaze Tucker, who was born in November of this year.

Kandi also said that although her partner is great with their 3-year-old son Ace, she felt he could be hard on Kaela at times, but she didn’t dare say anything because he was her biological father.

Kandi revealed: “Todd is amazing with [their son] Ace. And I feel like Todd can be tough on Kaela, but because she is his biological daughter. I’m just backing up. And I don’t know if it’s because it’s a girl, but it stresses me out because we have a daughter on the way, and I know you have to treat them differently. You have to manage them differently. “

Todd, on the other hand, promised that he would try to treat Kaela better in the future. He first learned of his existence in 2011 after his mother told him that he was the girl’s father.

One person said, “Kandi should have just left out the fact that it was her daughter, so she steps back!” When you are in a relationship with someone who has children! This child also becomes yours. “


This family is trying to find the right balance.

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