Kandi Burruss explains to her fans why Todd Tucker got on the head during the first week of their daughter, Blaze Tucker came home

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are parents again. They now have another girl, Blaze Tucker, who was brought by a surrogate mother.

Kandi explains to his fans why Todd was really annoying during the first week of his return home.

“Whenever there’s a newborn baby in the house, you have to adapt, but @ todd167 annoyed me a lot the first week @blazetucker arrived here. Go to my Youtube page #KandiOnline to find out why. #KandiAndTodd, ‘Kandi has subtitled his post.

Someone praised the star of the RHOA and said, “It’s a real speech to be admirable! How are you doing all this and all so well ??? !!! Mother, boss, wife, daughter, girlfriend … luv ya girl & bravo for the new package of joy !! How does Ace feel like a big brother? And the only boy ?? !!

Kandi replied to the disciple above: “Thank you! Ace likes to be a big brother!

Someone said, “You are so real and yes, Todd, you were wrong to go out.”

Another adept wrote: “At first, aggressive, angry, not accessible, that’s what blacks hear all day from whites. So, hearing from your man is NOT cute, Todd. “

A fan said, “I have to admit. I was the Mama Joyce team. Because as a mother she holds and has always kept her children close. You keep this protective wall in place. I respect you now, as well as Todd, as a power couple. I pray for the blessing on your family.

See the entire video below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKPGwKo0KqY [/ embed]

A YouTube user said, “Enjoy your baby, she is a miracle, enjoy your gift, you stay home and embrace what you asked God to thank for sharing.”

Someone posted: “Whenever I do not see you in a few months, I can not believe how much more beautiful you are each time … you have always been my favorite housewife …. .. ALWAYS!”

Kandi also invited her daughter, Riley Burruss, to her show “Speak on It”.


She announced it to her fans on Instagram and she also shared a video presentation.

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