Kandi Burruss poses with her children, Blaze Tucker and Ace Wells Tucker

Kandi Burruss Poses Together With Her Kids, Blaze Tucker And Ace Wells Tucker And Shows Them Love

Kandi Burruss shared a picture with her children, Ace Wells Tucker and Blaze Tucker. This is the very first photo featuring these two kids together, and fans are here for that.

“I must love both! @acetucker @blazetucker “, Kandi subtitled his message.

Someone said, “You look like Riley on this picture!” And another adept wrote: “Yay, Kandi so happy for you, Todd, and how adorable Ace was in the recent episode of visiting the doctor to see his little sister.”

Another speaker wrote, “They are wrapped in your arms of love. Congratulations KandišŸ¾. ‘

Another follower shared: Maternity goes to you! And ‘and a fan told Kandi, “Oh, wow, you have your baby, all my congratulations to you. “

Somoene wrote: “I thought it was Riley … she looks so much like you, lol.”

A fan congratulated Kandi and said, “You are the truest definition of a super-woman @kandi. A mother, a businesswoman, a woman, a wonderful girl … I always have the greatest respect for you God bless you and your family. ‘

Another adept pointed out that Kandi and her daughter are pairing up: “Riley is your twin. I thought it was her! And ‘and another fna was on the same page and said, “I never realized how much you and Riley looked like until now”

Someone else wrote, “I love you Kandi! You are a true source of inspiration for women and girls. Bless your new baby Blaze!

As you know, Kandi and Todd Tucker are parents again. They now have another girl, Blaze Tucker, who was brought by a surrogate mother.


Kandi recently explained to his fans why Todd was really annoying during the first week of his return home.

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