Kandi Burruss Posts A New Speak On It Episode– Check It Out Here

Kandi Burruss made her fans’ day much better when she shared a new Speak on It episode. You can take a look at the clip that she shared on her YouTube channel below.

‘I posted a new #SpeakOnIt! We didn’ t have a new #RHOA episode last night, however I asked my text family to send me concerns that they would like me to respond to & & I selected a couple of to respond to. Go to my Youtube page KandiOnline to see. Text me at +1 (404)458-9464 so that you can be a part of my text family,’ Kandi captioned her post.

Somebody stated: ‘There’ s been a couple of Sundays y’ all have not had a new episode. why do they promote a new episode throughout the day just for it to be a rerun!’

One fan informed Kandi: ‘Kandi Thank God for you Checking Kenya all the time…To the point of Shutting her down with that Unnecessary Evilness Messiness. You were Right Nobody wants to be around that rehashing every time there’ s any event or event.’

A fan stated: ‘I was very moved when you said you almost cried over the comments your fans made. Kindness is just a beautiful gift it deserves a tear or two. Good for the soul.’

Somebody else posted this: ‘I truly enjoyed this segment. God has blessed you to be a blessing in so many ways. I was intrigued on the things you had to say about yourself as well as life. You are gorgeous and so beautiful. Continue to keep God first. You are so incredibly interesting. Love you.’

A commenter informed the RHOA star: ‘I really enjoyed this episode outside of the show reviews. First I was able to see who you are as a person versus the snippets the tv shows. You and Nene have been my favorite two cast members, and I just hate that I feel relationships don’ t truly get a chance to thrive in between our kind due to the fact that it’s a risk to the world as a whole. I hope that you and your family remain healthy and safe. I hope that your services continue to succeed that you being blessed can assist you be an even larger true blessing to others.’


Have you viewed the most current RHOA episode?

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