Kanye West and Joel Osteen to tour nationwide on Sunday service

Kanye West and Joel Osteen reportedly discussed the future of his Sunday service tour. Page Six reports say they could take him on the road. After their combined performance in Houston, Texas last month, the duo announced plans to present the show at Yankee Stadium in New York in May.

In addition, TMZ says that Kanye and Joel want to move to other cities, including Kanye’s hometown of Chicago, in the Guaranteed Rates field. During their broadcast in Houston, Texas, the televangelist delivered his sermon at Lakewood Church. Kanye’s gospel choir managed the music.

Tickets for the event sold for $ 500. As most know, earlier this year, Kanye West announced that he would only be doing gospel music with his latest album, Jesus Is King, released in October. The album broke a number of records.

Following the rapper’s new album, Kanye has spoken regularly with Osteen and had already started his Sunday service in Queens in September. Fans have been waiting for Kanye’s next move for months.

Reported by Todd Malm on October 25, Kanye first checked his Twitter account to confirm that he was about to drop Jesus is King. However, online fans have gotten used to his unpredictable behavior and his claims.

The rapper ended up being serious and his religious LP was abandoned on October 25, Friday. In addition, Kim Kardashian, the rapper’s wife, also raised the record before his release.

The rapper also delivered an IMAX film to accompany his denominational album. As noted above, many hip hop and Kanye fans may have thought he was joking about taking his music in a religious direction.


It didn’t help that Kanye had just emerged from several serious controversies in the entertainment industry, including his support for the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Kanye appeared on a number of different talk shows to express his support for the president, and was also arrested by NBC SNL wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

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