Kanye West’s Words On The Late Kobe Bryant Have People Hating On Kim Kardashian’s Husband

Kanye West had a couple of things to state about Kobe Bryant in a current GQ interview which appears to have troubled some people. Here’s what Kim Kardashian’s spouse needed to state about Kobe Bryant that set off a great deal of people.

@KanyeWest on Kobe Bryant: “He was the basketball version of me, and I was the rap version of him.” https://t.co/YvsJTRcVy6

— GQ Publication (@GQMagazine) April 15, 2020

Somebody stated: ‘Ummmm… It’ s A No For United States Dawg,’ and another fan stated: ‘It’ s not about you, Kanye damn.’

Another commenter posted this message: ‘Kanye, please. We have been through enough in 2020. No one has the energy to debate with you.’

Another person protected Kanye and stated: ‘He’ s a musical genius and Kobe was a basketball genius/great. What’s so hard to comprehend. People are tiring!’

Another fan posted: ‘ok say what you want about Kanye as a PERSON, but as an artist, you have to respect his work being that he has one of the best rap discographies of all time.’

Another person knocked Kanye and raised Donald Trump also: ‘Ohhhhh now I get why he’ s friends with Trump, narcissists run in packs . makes good sense!’

A fan likewise wished to make a point and posted this: ‘Kobe never had a mental breakdown during a game the way Ye did in Sacramento.’

One other commenter stated: ‘a lot of y’ all are buffooning Kanye for this however he’s. they were really buddies and showed up together at the exact same time. dislike him or like him, however the 2 were really close.’

Aside From this, it’s been likewise exposed that throughout the interview for GQ, Ye opened about the kind of relationship they utilized to have and confessed that he was absolutely refraining from doing well at all when his ‘best friend’ died shockingly.


As you understand, Kobe died this year together with his child, Gianna in a horrible helicopter mishap.

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