Karen rebels in Myanmar burn another government agency

A senior Karen State officer said that Armed groups A member of the Karen ethnic minority in Myanmar burned a government military post on Friday after it was confiscated without a fight while fleeing its garrison.

The place is about ten miles from another major camp, the die Karen National Liberation Army stormed and burned ten days earlier.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) is the military wing of the Karen National Union – the main political organization die die Represents the Karen minority, in which is home to Eastern Myanmar.

Karen and Kachin are in northern Myanmar die two main armed ethnic groups, die have allied themselves with the anti-junta movement, die die It took power in the country after the military last February die Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

The role of militant ethnic groups has gained in importance as fewer people participate in street protests in Myanmar’s cities take part, which in turn is based on die fatal violence is due to the die Security guards die Increasingly suppress the protest movement.
Hundreds of protesters and bystanders died during the rallies.

Clashes between the government and armed groups of the Karen and Kachin ethnic groups occur daily.

The shadow government set up by opponents of the Military Council resigned this week die Formation of a “people’s defense force”, die intended to serve as the forerunner of a “federation army” of democratic forces, including ethnic minorities, and raised die Main base on which they depend.

Video recordings showed KNLA soldiers on Friday in the U Tho Hatta base – a collection of wooden buildings and trenches, die in a forest was dug – and inspected mortars, die were left behind by the government army.

The camp is located in near the river Salween, the die Marked the border between Myanmar and Thailand.

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