Karol Sanchez allegedly confessed to having organized his abduction

Very well the roommates… It can ruffle a few feathers but this is reported by CBSNY that Karol Sanchez, the daughter who was kidnapped with her mother Earlier, staged everything.

According to the report, Karol confessed to having organized the abduction when she “was brought home from the station in the 40th district, where sources told CBS2 that she had staged the whole thing with four accomplices”.

Karol is said to have organized the kidnapping because of his dissatisfaction at home. The misfortune would allegedly come from his mother wanting to move their family back to Honduras, and Karol not wanting to leave.

Karol would know the 4 men, and his mother would not have done so. In the kidnapping video, you can see four men grabbing Karol, forcing her into a vehicle, and pushing her mother to the ground.

Karol’s abduction caused uproar on social media and many people were relieved once she was “found” unharmed.

History continues to advance as the police continue to investigate. We will keep you posted on the roommates.

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