Kate Beckinsale– Here’s Why She Prefers Younger Guys And Is ‘Smitten’ With Current 22- Year-Old BF Goody Grace!

In the last number of years, the starlet has actually been connected just to younger men so at this moment it’s emerged that she has a type! That being stated, Kate Beckinsale’s brand-new sweetheart, Goody Grace, is likewise just 22 while she is 46!

However the starlet certainly looks like she might be in her twenties and is dating like she truly is!

Kate is certainly generally brought in to younger men and she is currently ‘smitten’ with Goody, a Canadian artist she has actually not been seeing for too long.

Prior To him, the starlet was likewise connected romantically to SNL star Pete Davidson, 26 and comic Matt Rife, 24!

Now, one source informs HollywoodLife that ‘Kate can get any guy that she wants, so why would she not want a young and attractive guy? Kate tends to like younger men who are also artistic and can hold her interest. Kate’ s taken with Goody and enjoys that he has a great deal of self-confidence. She likewise comprehends the age distinction and has no expectations of where things will go in the long run.’

‘She’ s content and extremely delighted with where things are at for the minute and is merely delighting in life as it unfolds,’ they went on to state.

Kate and Goody have actually been photographed by the paparazzi loading the PDA amidst the quarantine a fair bit and they undoubtedly look extremely delighted together.

Another expert described by means of the very same website that ‘She remains in an extremely carefree time in her life. She got together with Michael [Sheen] at 22 and had a child at25 When they divided she went directly into her other marital relationship. Now she feels like it is her time to experience what dating is like and she is picking guys who delight her and who she understands they won’ t attempt to connect her down.’

They likewise made certain to tension that she does not care what others think of her either!


Kate feels like she’s made the right to be delighted in her own method which is precisely what she’s doing.

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