Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom postponed their marriage – Is the relationship in trouble?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were supposed to get married this month after her proposal to singer Roar on Valentine’s Day, but a new report says the couple postponed their wedding. Is this a sign that there are problems in the relationship?

According to Us Weekly, Perry and Bloom have changed the date of their wedding, but fans should not worry about the couple because they are doing very well.

“They’ve changed the schedule based on where they want to go,” says one insider. “They are beyond lovers. They will have a local wedding party and the other will be a destination wedding party. “

The source added that Perry and Bloom were ready to start a family and that the 35-year-old singer wanted to get pregnant as soon as they got married.

A few weeks before the announcement of the engagement, another insider revealed that Perry and Bloom would get engaged and walk in the driveway. They added that the couple “planned a little one”. The source said Perry “wants a child as soon as possible” and “it’s something they’ve talked about a lot.”

Even though they had to postpone their big day, Perry said in an interview with Australians KIIS Kyle and Jackie O Show that it was important for them to “get the job done” before taking another step in their relationship. And, Bloom said they are doing everything they can to “build a really strong foundation” for their relationship.

Perry and Bloom met in January 2016 at an after-party Golden Globes Sunset Tower, and an insider said at the time that the duo “had a total dance”, which was the best part of the Party. They met until February 2017, then took a break before reviving their romance in January 2018.

One source stated that the couple had been able to solve all their problems and to have a “very fluid communication about what each of them wanted”. Perry wanted to make sure she would not make the same relationship mistakes she had. done previously.


Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012 before dating John Mayer intermittently for a few years. Orlando Bloom was previously married to Miranda Kerr and they share an eight-year-old son named Flynn.

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