Kazakhstan replaces drugs imported from Ukraine with others from several countries, including Egypt

Erkhat Iskaliyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pharmaceutical Company in Kazakhstan LLP, said his country has replaced medicines it imported from Ukraine with Indian, Egyptian and European medicines.

“Initially, when the events took place (the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine), due to force majeure, work was stopped directly with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We purchased about 19 containers (medicines), which we replaced with Indian and Egyptian ones,” Iskaliyev said at a press conference. And partly with European ones.

Kazakh Health Minister Azhar Janyat said last April that his country had terminated unilateral contracts with Ukraine for the supply of medicines due to the closure of companies there and the impossibility of delivering medicines, noting that Kazakhstan imports 25 types of medicines. from Ukraine.

He also indicated that the pharmacy company he manages is working on the purchase of six containers, at the moment all decisions have been made, there are no defects in the supply of medicines.

Source: Sputnik