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Kazakhstan speaks of a “coup” and Putin: we will not allow revolutions in the region


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that “global terrorism” has targeted Kazakhstan, while the Kazakh president denounced a coup attempt in his country.

During a virtual meeting with the Kazakh president and other officials, Putin warned that Russia would not allow “color revolutions” in the former Soviet republics, a phrase frequently used to describe the revolutions the Kremlin considers planned by the West in the former Soviet republics.

Putin also confirmed that Russian forces would withdraw after their mission ended in Kazakhstan.

For his part, the president of Kazakhstan confirmed that the unrest that shook his country was a “coup attempt” by “armed fighters”, stressing that his forces “never” would have fired on peaceful demonstrators.

During a video meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and the leaders of other allied countries, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said what happened was “a movement of militant groups waiting for the right moment for them”, adding: “Their goal principal has appeared clearly . It was an attempted coup. “

Kazakhstan’s president confirmed that organized “terrorist” forces including extremists, “criminals” and “saboteurs” have taken advantage of the protest movement to raise fuel prices in an attempt to overthrow the government.

He also stressed that Kazakhstan authorities “would never” fire on “peaceful demonstrators” after giving the order to open fire on demonstrators, adding: “We never and will never use military force against peaceful demonstrators” .

Tokayev pointed out that in Order has been restored to Kazakhstan, but the search for “terrorists” continues. He added that the large-scale “counter-terrorism” operation would soon be over.

He claimed that Kazakhstan will provide prove to the international community about what happened very soon, adding that 16 members of the security forces were killed and that the number of civilians who died in the violence is still under investigation.

In another context, Tokayev asserted that the Russian-led military force mission has deployed in Kazakhstan in the wake of the deadly unrest, will end “soon”.

“Very soon,” he explained, “the large-scale counter-terrorism operation will end with the effective and successful mission” of the CSTO force.

The CSTO mission includes 2,030 soldiers and 250 pieces of military equipment, Tokayev said.

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