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Kazakhstan… the presidential elections are at the center of international attention and domestic anticipation

Early presidential elections will be held in the Republic of Kazakhstan tomorrow, Sunday, which can be considered one of the most important elections for the future of domestic and foreign policy of this country, which has enormous potential in the energy sector of Central Asia, and is located in the heart of Eurasia.

Six candidates, including two women, are in Kazakhstan’s race for the presidency, and the current president, Kasim Jomart Tokayev, is the seventh presidential election the country has witnessed since its independence in 1991.

What distinguishes this election from the previous ones is that the presidential term will be for a period of 7 years and for once, in how much the winning president might not run again for president while he was in precedence for a period of 5 years, and the candidate has the right to continue for two presidential terms if he is re-elected.

Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vasilenko has revealed that 641 observers from international organizations and foreign countries have been invited to monitor the snap presidential elections to be held on Sunday in Kazakhstan.

Given the major global geopolitical challenges, tomorrow’s vote is not only important for Kazakhstan, but also for the international community. Kazakhstan, in as a country located between Asia and Europe, it plays an important role in trade corridors, in addition to its diplomatic relations based on multilateral policy.

Kazakhstan faced great challenges last January, which was the beginning of great transformations, and on 16 March the country’s president, Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, proposed far-reaching political reforms, which required amendments to a third of the constitution of Kazakhstan, and amendments were put to a vote in a public referendum on June 5 Earlier this month, Tokayev signed six laws that were adopted in the aftermath of this referendum.

77 percent of citizens voted in favor of these constitutional amendments in the June referendum and, according to Tokayev, a new mandate of confidence is needed for the successful implementation of radical and comprehensive reforms aimed at building a just and fair Kazakhstan popular, through presidential elections.

Among the main reforms to be mentioned are the redistribution of powers from the president to the parliament, the simplification of the procedures for the registration of political parties, the increase of citizens’ participation in the government of the state, as well as greater protection of human rights.

According to Kazakh President Tokayev’s proposal, the presidential term was reduced from two five-year terms to one seven-year term without the possibility of re-election, as this initiative should eliminate the dangers of monopolizing power.

According to Kazakh State Minister Irlan Karen: These elections aim to initiate reforms, renew institutions and bring out in Kazakhstan a completely new model for the political structure of the state, where relations between various government sectors will be balanced and conditions will be created for an open and competitive political competition, where opportunities for direct participation of the population in state politics.

Interestingly, the presidential election is early in Kazakhstan was due to take place in 2024 and parliamentary elections in 2025.

In this context, Tokayev assumed the presidency of Kazakhstan under the constitution on March 20, 2019, one day after the first president of Kazakhstan post-Soviet, Nursultan Nazarbayev, had announced the transfer of his powers as head of state.

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