Keanu Reeves plays Evel Knievel as Ghost Rider in Fiery Fan Art

Graphic designer and superhero Rahal Nejraoui have another piece of Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art that makes Keanu Reeves one of the wildest cartoon heroes this time around: Ghost Rider.

In the image available on ArtStation, Nejraoui takes a picture of Reeves making his best impression of Evel Knievel and combining the striking aesthetic of Marvel’s Ghost Rider to create a hypothetical poster for the film. “Hi guys, I heard the news that Keanu Reeves wanted to join MCU,” the artist said in the item description. “So I thought he would be perfect as a ghost rider.”

Asked if he would ever join MCU, Reeves recently replied, “It was a great honor in terms of scope, ambition and productivity. It would be fantastic to be a part of it.”

Although there is currently no evidence from Marvel Studios that Reeves will be cast for MCU in the future, that has not stopped fans from speculating about possible roles. Besides Nejraoui as Ghost Rider, fans have also suggested playing Moon Knight, Adam Warlock, or Mr. Fantastic. Moon Knight and Adam Warlock were previously cast in MCU, played by Oscar Isaac and Will Poulter. However, Mr. Fantastic and Ghost Rider are still on board.

This version of Ghost Rider is not Nejraoui’s first significant piece of MCU fan art. Earlier this year, the graphic designer uploaded a strange image of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. Inspired by the darker tone of the Disney + What If .? Series, the Sorcerer Supreme graphics show a skinny with waxy skin and dark circles under the eyes. Nejraoui recently created a fusion of DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Eternals with Ikaris Richard Madden in a costume inspired by the iconic Man of Steel costume.

Although Reeves will not join the MCU at some point, that does not mean the actor will be left out of a job. He will repeat his traditional role as Neo in the upcoming film The Matrix Resurrections, due out on December 22, and in the new video game The Matrix Awakens, which released its first trailer earlier this month.