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Kelly Clarkson is an expert on balancing her career and family life, says voice winner Jake Hoot


Season 17 of The Voice ended this week after country singer Jake Hoot was crowned the winner. And he says her coach Kelly Clarkson was not only a great mentor when it comes to her music career, but she’s also a fantastic example of how someone can balance a busy career with family life.

Hoot – who is the single father of his four-year-old daughter Macy – told People magazine that Clarkson taught him to be a better parent during his time on The Voice, and he is grateful for the experience.

“I have met a lot of people in the music industry, and many of them have children and families and sometimes they are not very present, and sometimes it is not their priority,” said the native of Cookeville, Tennessee. “And one thing I always struggled with was if I had to make music full time, how much I wanted to make my family a priority in everything I did.”

Hoot explained that seeing someone at Clarkson’s level be a mom “while holding a million different jobs” meant a lot, and he didn’t know it was possible.

The 31-year-old revealed that he would talk to Clarkson about their respective children almost as much as they talked about anything. He said it was nice to see another parent who puts family first and is present in the lives of his children. Hoot said that Clarkson had shown him that it was possible.

Clarkson is married to Brandon Blackstock and they share two children – River, 5 and Remington, 3. Clarkson is also the stepmother of Savannah, 17, and Seth, 12. In addition to Hoot’s girlfriend Macy, Bekah, also has a four year old daughter named Hadley.

Hoot says Bekah was just as shocked and blown away as he was when he won The Voice, while Macy and Hadley were delighted that the confetti fell from the ceiling. He described the show’s victory as “a really special moment,” and Hadley can’t stop talking about the fact that Gwen Stefani came to pick her up.

Now that he is the winner of The Voice, Hoot will receive a grand prize of $ 100,000. But, he is not yet sure how he will spend it. He says he will try to spend Christmas first and buy the girls some nice gifts. He would also like to travel, and he has his eye on a house in Cookeville that was built in 1900, which he always wanted.

“So maybe I’ll consider paying a big deposit,” said Hoot.

The country singer will also work on new music, but he doesn’t want to rush an album. As for his relationship with Kelly Clarkson, Jake Hoot says she is a “wealth of knowledge”, and I hope he can work with her again someday.


The Voice will return to NBC in 2020 for season 18.

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