Kenya Moore fans ask for a book from his years as a pageant goddess

Kenya Moore probably feels melancholy these days, after so many beauty pageants. She recently congratulated the other queens.

She has sprung on all women of color who have won the most important and famous beauty pageants in the world.

Now she has also shared photos from the days when she herself was a beauty queen.

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday #missuniverse pageant 1993 I was the Statue of Liberty
# top10Finalist # MissUsa1993 #BlackGirlMagic #HerStory #RHOA repost: @thequeenkenyamoore, Kenya has captioned its message which includes two photos of the back in the day.

Someone said, “We need a book !!!!! Stories from your years as a goddess of pageant !!!! Un “and another follower have posted this:” A true beauty becomes even more beautiful with time. “

One speaker said, “You’ve become even more amazing over the years!” And someone else also sprung from Kenya: “I see why you won that you’re beautiful in this dress.”

An excited fan commented, “Yes Queen, you had it then and you have it now in 2019, go girl.”

Another subscriber mentioned the video that The Shade Room released earlier when Kenya told RHOA’s other women that it is often confused with Beyonce: “I just saw the clip of the shadow room on everything that happens to Beyonce !! Let me tell you that I think you are as beautiful if not more beautiful than Beyoncé !! Just as I commented, I lean this here! Beautiful woman you are! “

Apart from that, Kenya has been very busy lately, helping families struggling with infertility.


She does something about it and she became the ambassador for Baby Quest Grants.

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