Kenya Moore helps families get their “baby miracle” and asks fans to do the same

Kenya Moore Helps Families Have Their 'Miracle Babies' And Asks Fans To Do The Same

Kenya Moore has lived a lot to have her miracle baby, Brooklyn Daly. She recently talked about infertility and all the hardships she had to endure to have her baby girl.

She wants to help other families with the same problems and asks her fans and supporters to do the same.

Here is the message she shared on her social media account.

Help someone today to have their #miraclebaby by now donating to @babyquestgrants. They provide subsidies to infertile families who can not afford Assisted Human Reproduction (IVF). Living your dream should not be denied because of a lack of money. Help today. # Givetuesday #ambassador #kenyamoore #RHOA, Kenya has subtitled its message, which includes a picture of its own miracle baby.

Someone said, “Great !!! It makes me so happy, “and another adept wrote,” She’s so cute for words. You are doing a great job with your baby!

One adept said, “It’s such a sweet and generous Kenya!” And one person rushed to say to the little girl from Kenya, “This baby is beautiful. She looks like a human doll Human ‘

Someone posted this: “Well, this beauty just made my night. She is so delicious. And a fan praised the cause that Kenya defends: “What a wonderful cause. Brooklyn baby is just perfect!

Another follower wrote, “I am a recipient of @babyquestgrants, so thank you @thekenyamoore for being an ambassador. We have been trying for 14 long years and, thanks to Baby Quest, we have the best gift of all time! “


Kenya has recently posted a very emotional message on its social media account. She touched on the subject of infertility and she shared a lot of her own journey.

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