Kenya Moore Makes Fans Happy With Christmas Surprise

Kenya Moore has just told her IG subscribers and fans that she has great news for them, just in time for the holidays. Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

‘#MooreHairCareMonday Our best seller #kenyamoorehaircareSerum is back in stock at @sallybeauty
This miracle treatment hydrates, protects and strengthens your hair daily to avoid breakage and damage caused by heat, styling and tension. Buy yours today for perfect last minute Christmas gifts
#kenyamoorehair #allhairtypes #sallybeauty ”, Kenya captioned his message.

Someone said, “ I would love to see this lace grow longer by just rubbing #kenyamoorehairserum on it, ” you all think we are stupid and delusional, ” and a follower asked, ‘Can he can also be used as protection against humidity and heat before blow drying?

Kenya replied that you should use very little because a small amount will suffice.

Someone else praised the product and said, “BEST SERUM EVER !! dying my hair right now, will put it in a few minutes. I can’t believe my hair these days! My hair LOVES your product! “

Another follower posted this: “Ohhh Kenya, I definitely got mine from Sally in Bradenton, Florida, so the miracle works so well and smells good.”

Someone else posted this: “Thank you for using a hair model with real textured hair ???????????????? I’m going to buy this product ☺️”

In other news, just the other day, Kenya shared a message on her social media account, wishing Cynthia Bailey all the best and saying that no one is happier for her after the engagement.


She also discussed what’s going on between them on RHOA.

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