Entertainment Kenya Moore's little girl, Brooklun Daly has two teeth...

Kenya Moore’s little girl, Brooklun Daly has two teeth coming – See pretty picture


Kenya Moore shared a new photo showing her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly, on her social media account. As you know now, Kenya has created Brookie its own IG page, and it keeps its fans and followers updated with the latest news related to Brookie.

Someone commented, “I was just waiting for a new picture of our little angel !!” and another follower posted this: “I love this sweet face. His clothes are so perfectly adorable. “

Another commentator said, “I love this child, she is so cute and so happy all the time,” and one subscriber noted, “Awwwww so I see TWO teeth coming in? ???????? »

One of Kenya’s fans said he did not see such a happy baby: “She is a very happy baby. Always laughing. So cute. There is a saying when you are pregnant that is supposed to be your best moment. No stress, no worries and always happy. Your baby is feeding on it. That being said, I know you were happy to have your pretty baby, which is why she is always so happy every time I see her. “

Someone posted this: “OMG !! @thekenyamoore She’s so cute that I can not stand it »» and another disciple said: «Sooo precious … this darling always brings me joy when I see her smile ???? … happy happy baby !! @thekenyamoore U ROCK !! “

A disciple said that Brookie’s baby looked like his father: “How can you look EXACTLY to your daddy even though I see mom as beautiful”


Speaking of happy children, Kenya recently bought new wheels for her little girl and she just loves her new car.

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