Kevin Hart remembers his mother in a new Netflix documentary

Kevin Hart lost his mother, and such a thing is not easy for anyone. But this man managed to face this horrible event with pride and grace, as The Shade Room says.

In a new Netflix documentary that everyone is talking about recently, he remembers his mother and talks about his strength as a single woman.

One subscriber told The Shade Room the following: “You only posted this because he checked you out earlier. You are not all low. “

One commenter said, “I respect him so much more after watching this!” And someone else posted this, “And now this man can afford to buy all the 1: 1 designers on our page that ‘he wants. Simply magical. “

Another follower praised the documentary and wrote: “The best documentary it will make you want to be better”, and another person said: “He uses his infidelity to make money by creating a smh documentary. “

Another person said, “I’m trying to take this seriously, but the duck band upside down made me funny ctfu even when he wasn’t trying,” and someone else posted this : “I’m really checking this out tonight! Sounds deep! Pause! ‘

Earlier today, it was revealed that Eniko had recently addressed an unfortunate and sad event in his life. She talked about when Kevin Hart cheated on her.


It was a really difficult year for the couple, as apart from the cheating scandal, Kevin also had a pretty serious car accident, if you remember.

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