Keyshia Cole and boyfriend Niko Khale have very different reactions to O.T. Genasis’ decision to remix his song, “Love”

Keyshia Cole has found herself in a rather strange situation where she is criticized for trying to protect her own songs.

Recently, the new mother, like millions of others, was surprised when rapper O.T. Genasis decided to make a Crip remix of the hit song from Keyshia in 2006, “Love”, called “Never Knew”.

Many laughed at the horrible sound of the track and a few cheered O.T. Genasis for trying to sing about love, broken hearts and everything in between.

However, one person who did not laugh, Keyshia.

The Grammy-nominated singer said this about the ridiculous song: “My only concern is a real concern. I try to bring my music where it was. I’m trying to find this passion for music I had before I left Oakland, and I had nowhere to go. I had no one. But now I’m as if I’m sailing smoothly. I’m fine. Get my mom good. I’m fine, but I’m trying to get back to where my music was. So, I would really like my classics to be left alone. Is it wrong as an artist? “

She added, “I love everyone who sings my songs. I made my songs sing by Cardi, Bruno Mars, Trey Songz singing in the club. But they keep my words the same, and do you understand what I’m saying? How will I get paid if you made new lyrics, and you didn’t send me a check or something like that? “

The mother of two went on to explain, “And then the people who hit me,” Would I never listen to Keyshia Cole’s song the same way? “I think it’s just a little hurtful as an artist. There was no,” Hey, how’s it going? What’s up? How do you feel about it? “Because that’s what artists do if I want to remix a Prince song, Ima goes to Prince and finds out if I can use it.”

Keshia’s boyfriend Niko Khale has another vision of the drama. He said that the heartbroken people can listen to Keshia’s version of “Love”, and those who want to hear “gangster sh * t” will listen to the OT Genisis track.

OT Genisis tackled the drama with a clip, and the caption said, “Damn Keyshia, is it like dat? I thought you were from da Bay? I thought it was love from California. A n * gga can no longer have fun lol. “


This “quarrel” is probably not over.

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