Keyshia Cole reveals who has finally fulfilled her desire for love – while throwing her famous ex under the bus

Keyshia Cole has gone through a lot in her life, and she recently expressed disappointment at her apparent lack of love around her.

And although many of his fans quickly reminded him that it wasn’t quite the case, it doesn’t seem like Keyshia herself is ready to listen.

Entirely, on the contrary, she sank deeper and deeper into her convictions, which worried some of her fans.

That has changed recently, however, as Cole explained that having her sons, Daniel Jr. and Tobias, was the thing she was missing in her life, and it wasn’t until she had the boys that she had. realized how much she needed this kind of development around her.

She talked about the love she was looking for when she was married to her ex-husband Daniel Gibson and how her cheating killed their romance: “I needed it. Oh my god, I was going to go crazy looking for him. I think God really blessed me with a beautiful baby. This situation didn’t work with marriage and trying to provide this life, which hurt me because of my education, what I didn’t have, and I just wanted my first child to have it. . “

She added, “I just realized that I’m not ready to die in a situation where you can’t keep your penis in your pants.”

She also congratulated baby dad Niko Khalé: “I can’t do it! I think now I have found someone who shares my perspective in retrospect to that, keeping things in our little parts where we need them. “

At the moment, she is happier than ever and is progressing very well in her life without any problems.

Many Cole fans have discussed his plight online, and some suspect there may be more to it than his claims.

After all, it wouldn’t be surprising if Cole was actually hiding something behind the curtains and having a more exciting situation than most people have realized.

In the end, however, it is entirely on her, and it is not the place for anyone to dig deep into her life at this point.

The important thing is that she feels good at least on the public front – and if there is more in her situation than what the public is seeing at the moment, she will probably make it known over time.


Keyshia is still evolving.

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