Keyshia Cole smacks OT Genasis “Never Knew” – “I would like my classics to be alone”

# Roommates, the back and forth between OT Genasis and Keyshia Cole are getting more and more messy. As you may remember, the two are engaged in a battle for OT’s cover of Keyshia Cole’s song “Love”, “Never Knew”, which is an ode to his Crip affiliation.

Earlier this week, OT Genasis used social media to express their frustrations after deleting their song “Never Knew” from YouTube. Although he never personally blamed her for deleting the song, many fans suspected Keyshia Cole of being behind it.

If you followed, you know she made it clear that she was not a fan of OT’s cover of her song, and that she even threatened to remove it from iTunes. Well, she went further when, during a recent television appearance, she decided to address the song by OT in front of a studio audience.

Discussing how personal “love” is to her, Keyshia then listed other celebrities who covered the song she loved, including Trey Songz and Bruno Mars. She said they didn’t mind singing the song because “they keep my lyrics the same”.

OT got wind of the video when it circulated on social networks and posted a message about it which said:

“Keyshia shit, is that like dat?”

As of yet, there is still no word on who deleted their song from YouTube or whether they will find a way to download it back to the platform.

Roommates, what do you think?

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