Khartoum.. opposing the smuggling of hidden funds in sensitive areas.

Khartoum airport authorities announced they have thwarted smuggling of two women for a bundle of securities in hard currency and the smuggling of a man for three kilograms of silver, in two separate operations today, Thursday.

Khartoum airport’s director of customs, Brigadier General Hashem Mohamed Ahmed, said policemen became suspicious of two women in about to leave the country and, after subjecting the two women to a thorough search, they seized $20,000, hidden in sensitive areas of your body.

In the second operation, three kilograms of silver were seized, which were accompanied by a passenger in exit from the country. The three were immediately subjected to a preparatory assessment for postponement in judgment.

Khartoum airport customs has arrested two of the most dangerous baggage thieves, the “baggage of expatriates”.
In the airport halls, one is Sudanese with a French passport and the other is a trader.

Al-Intibaha newspaper said yesterday that it was the first time that the thieves in the halls of Khartoum airport had been arrested.

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