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Khloe Kardashian Got The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Thanks To Rob Kardashian As Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson Tries To Win Her Back


Khloe Kardashian, 35, sure understands how to melt hearts. The reality TELEVISION star partnered with her sweet niece, Dream Kardashian, for among the most cute images that appeared on Valentine’s Day.

In the image, Rob Kardashian’s little woman is using an adorable attire and cute pigtails as she is being hugged securely by Kloe. Numerous hurried to shower the auntie and niece for being so cute.

On The Other Hand, Khloe is still being showered by her ex-boyfriend, baby daddy Tristan Thompson, and her mommy, Kris and siblings Kim and Kourtney feel a particular method about it.

An expert spoke with Hollywood Life and specified: Kim and the rest of the family wish to send out periodic olive branches because, as mad as they all were when he harmed Khloe, they all understand that Tristan requires to be in True’s life.”

The individual went on to state: “Kim and the rest of the family want to send occasional olive branches because, as mad as they all were when he hurt Khloe, they all know that Tristan needs to be in True’s life. To help facilitate that they choose to treat him well and support him by inviting him to dinners or watching his games. Kim is all about giving people second chances and, whether or not Khloe and Tristan get back together, she wants to make sure the father of her niece is getting respect from the family, especially if he is trying to be better himself.”

The buddy continued with: “[The Kardashian family] all constantly support one another deep down with whatever makes them pleased, and they understand all relationships have their downs and ups. They were there for Khloe through the separation to talk or whatever she required, and they’ll exist to support her if being with Tristan makes her pleased.”

The family pal likewise specified: “Khloe and Tristan’s relationship is getting better and better as more time has gone on. It’s taken a lot of work, but they’re communicating more and are in a better place.”

The source concluded with: “Khloe knows during the basketball season Tristan is busy, but he’s been much more present for both she and True and communicates a lot more. This is a slow, gradual process, but the family has been very supportive of whatever Khloe wants with Tristan. It seems he’s trying to work things out between them.”


Khloe appears to be standing strong on her own.

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