Kidnapped Australian girl Cleo Smith claims woman helped her: Report

Cleo Smith, the 4year-old Australian girl who was reportedly kidnapped by a scary doll collector, has reportedly told police a woman was helping to nurse of hair — dressing and brushing her for 18 days in captivity.

News over the mystery woman emerged when investigators interviewed Cleo after she was discovered physically unharmed in An… house in carnavarone, the Daily Mail reported.

Terence Kelly, 36, was arrested and charged with various violations, including one count of forcibly take a child under 16 after the police found Cleo alone in a room playing with toys less than 10 minutes drive from her home.

Sources close to the probe told Daily Mail Australia the girl said a woman had visited the Tonkin Crescent duplex, where she helped her dress and brush her hair.

Authorities initially said the suspect acted alone, but in light of what Cleo reportedly said, forensic experts continue to search his investigation home for prove another person who may have been present, the Daily Mail reported.

Detective Senior Sgt. cameron blaine, one of Cleo’s rescuers kept mother over the latest developments, but said the police have “more work to do,” the outlet reports.

Kidnapped Australian girl Cleo Smith claims woman helped her: Report
Terence Kelly Boards a Plane After Being Died by Members in has been taken into custody of the Special Operations Group at Carnarvon Airport.
Tamati Smith/Getty Images

“Our focus this week is for us to check of there anyone otherwise involved. That’s why we’re still here,” he says.

“So we just ask if there was anyone die had any contact with mr. kelly, of you have seen him now, of you… met with it, of you now met talked to him on the phone during the relevant period, to identify yourself to the police,” he said addedthe newspaper said.

Police keep watch outside the house where the missing girl Cleo Smith was rescued
Detective Senior Sgt. cameron blaine, one of Cleo’s rescuers, said the police “more work To do” in the research.
Richard Wainwright/EPA
Terence Kelly dolls
Kelly has consistently detailed his love of the dolls on facebook.

a spokesperson for WA police told Daily Mail Australia investigators wouldn’t comment specifically over the possibility of another person is involved, but added that “the investigation continues”.

since his arrest, it turned out that Kelly had an obsession with Bratz dolls and had a large collection of them. An of to be social media profiles is a facebook page die is completely devoted to the toys.

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